Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ederle Realy 2014! Woo!

Happy Summer! I hope these lazy, hazy days have been relaxing and full of fun!

Just after the 4th of July, I was full into my "swimming, but not training" mode. I started the early bird lap swim at Lasker Pool which is really fun! The pool is over 50 meters long, kind of has a current/chop, and is filled with interesting and dynamic swimmers. 

Then, a message on Facebook....Charles Bender, my friend and fellow 8 Bridges swimmer asked if I was interested in a 2-person Ederle Swim relay. As much as I wanted to coast the rest of the summer, the minute this opportunity arose I knew I could not say no! I talked it over with Francis (just to make sure this would not disrupt anything having to do with his triathlon), looked into some logistics, and said YES! This is a great way for me to preview the course and really prepare for next year's solo attempt. Plus, I LOVE being part of a team, and will love cheering Charles on during his legs of the swim!

In a marathon relay, you alternate 2 hours on 2 hours off. The faster swimmer (not sure who that will be yet. The race director decides) starts and ends the swim. I am so excited! Our team name is.....wait for it.......The Sandy Hookers!! There is an awesome and respectable tri-club in Monmouth County is of the same name, but there is no copyright on the name. 

I could not be more excited about this opportunity! I was feeling slightly lost and a little bit directionless without an imminent swim, and this is giving me the ability to keep motivated without the long wait until getting to actually swim. 

The swim is Sunday August 10th, so it is not that far away! It is exactly one week after Francis' first triathlon, so after my swim we can both actually relax/have beer together! 

Going to be a great couple of weeks!

Hold Fast,